Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Chemically 'Corrected'

Farewell to my chemically ‘corrected’ hair
My peer respected and socially accepted hair
Natively neglected and African rejected hair
No more harsh chemicals and over heated pressers
Spending every 4-6 weeks at the hairdressers
Imitating the hair of my ancestral oppressors
Using products that are far from kind
So my coarse undefined tresses can become fine and gain pretentious silk & shine
My thick strands of curls & coils
Regularly bathed in natural oils and treated like royals
My glorious crown of kinks
I'm leaving it to flourish in its natural state regardless of what anyone else thinks
Not easily swayed by the wind, my hair is now wild with no reason to be tamed
I'm so in love and no longer ashamed of my God given precious mane.
                                                                                                                 - eileen carmel

© Copyright 2012

Monday, 22 April 2013

You don't look African...

He: 'So what country do you come from?'

Me: 'I come from Ghana'

He: 'Oh you're African, you don't look African.'

Me: 'Oh my bad, I left my spear and tribal marks at home today.'

My Hairspiration

It's been almost a year of growing out my permed hair - yay! My mum is still begging me to get a perm though but I've been firm in my decision to be 100% natural and I'm doing well guys. Esperanza Spalding has been my 'hairspiration' throughout my hair journey; it's so refreshing to see someone in the spotlight with hair that looks...just like mine! I love her hair and I've finally learnt to love mine (: