Sunday, 30 December 2012

Stripped Soil

A seed, planted into my womb
Watered everyday with my salty tears of gloom
Never received the brightness of a smile; never got the chance to bloom
If there is a heaven for the unborn, then there you will find room
To grow and enjoy a life far better than what I could have ever given you

Sunday, 23 December 2012

A boy for a man

You were just a boy
Now I'm with a man
All the things you couldn't do, he can.

Beneath Your Beautiful

My mum has played this song so much I can't get it out of my head now!

Saturday, 22 December 2012


So after our 1st date, I ended back @ yours
Y? I really don't know
But at hindsight
Maybe I shouldn't have coz now u prolly think I'm a hoe, right?
I kinda wish I didn't let down my guard that night
But temptation was just too hard 4 me to fight & let's just say it had been a while
Since a man has made my lips below smile...
It felt good but now I feel bad
Just the thought of u now questioning how many one night stands I may have had
& its sad, to think u now classify me as one of those hoes
Who don't know how to keep on their clothes & keep their legs closed
But truth is, I do. Getting down on the first night is not something I do all the time
It just so happens we had a really good time, & after a few glasses of wine
I guess u wanted to get yours just as much as I wanted to get mine.


There was a time when nothing could keep me away
But times have changed, and nothing will make me stay
You took me for a puppet, just stringing me along
In your twisted mind
I could do no right; you could do no wrong
Now my heart is beyond damaged and I don’t know how you managed
To keep me holding on for this long
To an unhealthy love that has put me on my sick bed
I finally got sick of being a ride or die chick for a dickhead
But now I stand firm in my decision
I’m gonna cut you off like circumcision

You played me like a guitar                                
Stringing me along
There I was hoping we’d flow in perfect harmony
But I should have known
That with you it was always going to be a sad love song
I’m tired of being controlled by you like a puppet without a mind of its own
So I’m cutting off the strings
That for so long had me so attached
To a love that only brings insecurity & self-doubt; I need my confidence back
So after years of being kicked about, I’m ending this match
That I was always going to lose
And now you’re going to lose…me.

© Copyright 2010

The friend zoned woman

He placed me into the friend zone 
Said I made a great friend, and a great bone 
But never one he'd bring home to meet his mother… 
I just wasn't good enough to be his lover. 
He saw me more like a brother, always said I was one of the guys 
So he'd banter about other women with the boys, in my presence 
After all, I was one of the boys so there was no need for pretence. 
As he discussed the girls he'd kiss & bring back to his to hit 
I knew his type...and I weren’t it. 
However, it didn’t stop me from believing that my personality would be a win 
Since he'd often complain about pretty girls having nothing else to bring 
To the table, and I knew a girl like me was more than able to mentally stimulate him 
You see, we got on like a house on fire 
But I guess that didn't make me hot enough to be desired 
Then one night, while we were alone I made my feelings for him known 
Sexual tension had clearly grown
 I was now his dawg and his bone 
He had his cake and was definitely eating it too 
Coz despite being the one who was laying underneath his covers 
He never once stopped his pursuit for potential lovers; I was finally done being his fool. 
So I made things clear, then was told the words I dreaded to hear 
The friends zone was where I belonged 
But he's obviously got me all wrong 
Coz I am not a girl who can accept the friend zone as a place of residence 
So if we can't be lovers, then I'm afraid we can no longer be friends.

© Copyright 2012


One day the table will turn;
I'll walk away without turning back
And it's your heart that will ache and burn
When I refuse to love you back.

One day tables will turn;
Winning you over will no longer be my concern
And that's when you'll give me your heart...
...but I won't give you mine in return.

Well, I guess it's true what they say, 'you live and you learn'
And yes, I learnt from the best.

© Copyright 2010

My Drunken Words

The other night I got drunk for the first time…maybe it should be my last!
As they filled my glass
I laughed
I danced
I even cried…(why, why, why on earth did I cry?!?)
I laughed some more
I danced ‘til my feet could no longer feel the floor
I was free
I didn’t care about who was watching me
I had been down for so long; I just didn’t want to care
It was about time I loosened up and let down my hair
Then out of nowhere
Slurred speech from my liquored lips
Spluttered out the words: ‘I love you to bits’
You shrugged it off as just ‘drunken words’
But little do you know, I truly meant it
For drunken words are from sober thoughts
Usually kept guarded and caged
But when I got drunk,
I was no longer afraid
To let my love for you be known…I don’t think you believed a word you heard though
A drunken me, continued to prance around the room and dance to the music
Even spoke to a guy who introduced himself as…Jamie? Well I think that was it
Either way I forgot about him before the night ended!
Then the night ended…
And as for my earlier outburst; I guess you blamed it on the alcohol (pun intended)
So now that my system is completely clear from all those shots
I think I should say it again: I love you, in fact I love you lots.

Written by Eileen whilst she was sober (:

© Copyright 2010

The Bus

You told me to meet you at the bus stop
Said you’ll be there in a few minutes to pick me up I get there and just wait 4 you…why does this feel like déjà vu?
I’ve made a bad habit of waiting around for you,
Hoping you’ll finally come through
But I’m fed up of never feeling full; I always want more from you.

 Now I’m standing all by myself, And that is exactly how you left me.
I’m acting like there isn’t anyone else,
That will see me for what I’m really worth,
It really hurts, that you don’t see me for what I’m really worth,
I always put you first…why don’t you see me for what I’m really worth?

I’m beginning to think that you like to see me crawl, I need to stop giving you the pleasure of seeing me fall.
I’m trying to phone but now you’re not answering my call,
But I will leave a message for you to listen; my calls won’t be the only thing you’ll be missing,
Because it’s time I move on, once & for all.

You can snap your fingers at me but this time I won’t come running…

…I think I can see a bus coming,
So you don’t have to pick me up anymore.
You won’t find me waiting in this spot,
Where I’ve been hopelessly standing from day dot I finally see what I’m really worth,
To be honest I’m worth more than you deserve.

So I’m getting on The Bus,
Please don’t make a fuss,
Talk- yeah, that’s all you do,
But this is where it ends for you.
And as for me, I’m cool,
Coz I know the next stop is soon.

bus stop

© Copyright 2008