Monday, 20 January 2014

The Black Man's Blonde

Thirty inches of middle parted Peruvian weaves so we can have long silky hair
Cancerous bleaching creams so our skin can be fair
Trying to fit into a white-washed perception of beauty
In hope that we will be the center of desirability through the black man's stare

Saturday, 4 January 2014


There are many moments when I just want my man to let down his guard
Stop proving to the world that he is macho and hard
While he stands strong and tall, behind an emotionless wall
Playing a role from a masculinity script
Where fear, pain and vulnerability is fully stripped
There are days I long to strip you away from your social construct of 'manhood'
Your so called innate, but arguably learnt characteristics of what a man should, be
And for a few minutes please just be human with me
For why must our souls only connect through sex?
Why not bare our souls in heart led dialect, or in the beauty of stillness and silence
Letting the pure bliss of just being in each other's presence go beyond our five senses,
And left unexplained by science.
I long for more moments when we don't play our parts or gender roles
And just be halves making each other whole
Via channels other than physical intimacy 
With me opened wide letting you inside; let's not shun intimacy in its other forms too
Every now and then you should learn to open up, so we can become one with me inside of you.

© Copyright 2013