Sunday, 13 April 2014

Ugh. Are you for real?!

Ok so, remember that guy or girl from your past who you just couldn't get enough of? The attraction was there, the banter was there, and you both just got on ridiculously well. However, despite having all the ingredients to form a solid relationship, for some unknown reason to you s/he just didn't want to be with you on a serious level. You ended up in this strange realm where you're not quite in the friend zone but also not cutting it to the girlfriend/boyfriend status. So one day it finally hits home that this make-believe relationship you have with them in your head has got to stop because its not real. Usually by this point you have already put a lot of emotional investment into this 'friend-lationship' and so the realisation of being rejected kinda hurts. In fact, it really hurts but we're just going to play it cool and not show it; deep down inside though the bitterness is reaaal. I mean, all we can think about is 'how dare you not want to be with ME?! I'm perfect for you; who else is going to love you from your receding hairline down to the corns on your feet?! You really think you can do better than ME??'. There's this great anticipation to see the 'better you' he or she gets into a relationship with since they annoyingly think they can do better. Boi, this new person better be the ish. Then the day comes when you finally see the 'better you'. Wait a min. You didn't want to get with me but you got with this crispy rice cake...

Are you for real?! Ugh.

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