Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Bus

You told me to meet you at the bus stop
Said you’ll be there in a few minutes to pick me up I get there and just wait 4 you…why does this feel like déjà vu?
I’ve made a bad habit of waiting around for you,
Hoping you’ll finally come through
But I’m fed up of never feeling full; I always want more from you.

 Now I’m standing all by myself, And that is exactly how you left me.
I’m acting like there isn’t anyone else,
That will see me for what I’m really worth,
It really hurts, that you don’t see me for what I’m really worth,
I always put you first…why don’t you see me for what I’m really worth?

I’m beginning to think that you like to see me crawl, I need to stop giving you the pleasure of seeing me fall.
I’m trying to phone but now you’re not answering my call,
But I will leave a message for you to listen; my calls won’t be the only thing you’ll be missing,
Because it’s time I move on, once & for all.

You can snap your fingers at me but this time I won’t come running…

…I think I can see a bus coming,
So you don’t have to pick me up anymore.
You won’t find me waiting in this spot,
Where I’ve been hopelessly standing from day dot I finally see what I’m really worth,
To be honest I’m worth more than you deserve.

So I’m getting on The Bus,
Please don’t make a fuss,
Talk- yeah, that’s all you do,
But this is where it ends for you.
And as for me, I’m cool,
Coz I know the next stop is soon.

bus stop

© Copyright 2008

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