Saturday, 22 December 2012


There was a time when nothing could keep me away
But times have changed, and nothing will make me stay
You took me for a puppet, just stringing me along
In your twisted mind
I could do no right; you could do no wrong
Now my heart is beyond damaged and I don’t know how you managed
To keep me holding on for this long
To an unhealthy love that has put me on my sick bed
I finally got sick of being a ride or die chick for a dickhead
But now I stand firm in my decision
I’m gonna cut you off like circumcision

You played me like a guitar                                
Stringing me along
There I was hoping we’d flow in perfect harmony
But I should have known
That with you it was always going to be a sad love song
I’m tired of being controlled by you like a puppet without a mind of its own
So I’m cutting off the strings
That for so long had me so attached
To a love that only brings insecurity & self-doubt; I need my confidence back
So after years of being kicked about, I’m ending this match
That I was always going to lose
And now you’re going to lose…me.

© Copyright 2010

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