Saturday, 22 December 2012


So after our 1st date, I ended back @ yours
Y? I really don't know
But at hindsight
Maybe I shouldn't have coz now u prolly think I'm a hoe, right?
I kinda wish I didn't let down my guard that night
But temptation was just too hard 4 me to fight & let's just say it had been a while
Since a man has made my lips below smile...
It felt good but now I feel bad
Just the thought of u now questioning how many one night stands I may have had
& its sad, to think u now classify me as one of those hoes
Who don't know how to keep on their clothes & keep their legs closed
But truth is, I do. Getting down on the first night is not something I do all the time
It just so happens we had a really good time, & after a few glasses of wine
I guess u wanted to get yours just as much as I wanted to get mine.

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