Saturday, 22 December 2012

My Drunken Words

The other night I got drunk for the first time…maybe it should be my last!
As they filled my glass
I laughed
I danced
I even cried…(why, why, why on earth did I cry?!?)
I laughed some more
I danced ‘til my feet could no longer feel the floor
I was free
I didn’t care about who was watching me
I had been down for so long; I just didn’t want to care
It was about time I loosened up and let down my hair
Then out of nowhere
Slurred speech from my liquored lips
Spluttered out the words: ‘I love you to bits’
You shrugged it off as just ‘drunken words’
But little do you know, I truly meant it
For drunken words are from sober thoughts
Usually kept guarded and caged
But when I got drunk,
I was no longer afraid
To let my love for you be known…I don’t think you believed a word you heard though
A drunken me, continued to prance around the room and dance to the music
Even spoke to a guy who introduced himself as…Jamie? Well I think that was it
Either way I forgot about him before the night ended!
Then the night ended…
And as for my earlier outburst; I guess you blamed it on the alcohol (pun intended)
So now that my system is completely clear from all those shots
I think I should say it again: I love you, in fact I love you lots.

Written by Eileen whilst she was sober (:

© Copyright 2010

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