Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Fictional Future

My thoughts for today...

Our future is our fiction that can be re-written at anytime. It's our minds' powerful ability to imagine what could be. What 'could' be. Many people get too caught up in their future plans and get so specific with timings...'by the age of 30 I want be to be this and that' and almost certainly set themselves up for disappointment. I've been there before, I was so disappointed with myself on my 25th birthday because I wasn't where I had 'imagined' to be. And why do we set goals for the age of 25 and not 26, why 30 and not 32? Because they are society's made up birth milestones and so there is an unnecessary pressure on us to feel like we've 'achieved' something by then. Its ok to set goals and aspire for something but don't allow your happiness to depend solely on reaching that place in time, that future you perfectly created in your mind. Tomorrow isn't promised as we know, but another thing to embrace is that the future is an unknown realm that you have no full control over. I've sketched out a future in my mind but I now understand that I should find happiness along the way rather than believing that I'll only find happiness in that very day in time that only exists in my mind.

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