Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Changing Education Paradigms

I think it's a real shame that we live in a world where parents trust strangers, who happen to be qualified to work in schools, to teach and mould the ideology of their children. I know children have to go to school but I just believe that it is very important for parents to also take authority in shaping their children's minds rather than leaving it in the corrupted hands of TV, the internet and teachers. School teaches kids that there is only one right answer for everything...their answer and it irons out children's sacred gift of imagination. Ever notice how children question everything when they are young but then as they get older it's as though their inquisitive minds have malnourished; schools just don't encourage them to challenge the status quo. As for the media, it teaches us the false value of materialism, sex and vanity as means of happiness and success. There have been numerous times when I've seen my god-daughter cry for a new Barbie or Hello Kitty doll and that's because she's constantly watching TV which is conditioning her at a tender age that these toys will make her happy. But like all material things, once you've attained it it leaves you with a feeling of 'is that it?' and then you soon find yourself looking for the next thing you 'think' will make you happy. Then when our children are teens, we blame celebrities for being bad role models - why does society make parents believe that schools and the media are responsible for their child's mental development and social behaviours but themselves? Why do parents think that they are only accountable for placing a roof over their children's heads, instead of placing a window into their minds; many children grow up to only see things with their eyes. Or putting food into their mouths instead of feeding their minds; clothing their flesh instead of adding layers to their minds?

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