Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Experience is a great teacher

Today I had the best conversation I have ever had with my mother; I told her to get off my back! Not in those words of course, I do value my life lol. She is very protective of me, so much more than I feel she is with my other siblings, maybe it's a first child thing? I can also see that a lot of her happiness is dependent on my success, she always makes it known how much she had to 'sacrifice' raising five children on her own. So she wants me to have this perfect life with no mistakes because she lives in a world of regrets; its almost like she wants to correct her wrongs with MY life. Unfortunately, no matter how many times you tell a child to stay away from a hot stove so they don't get burnt, they have to touch it first to fully understand. I have a scar on my thigh from getting burnt by an iron when I was a toddler even though my mum always told me to stay away from the hot iron but of course, it was not until I got burnt that I put her words into practice. It left a small scar but it didn't kill me. I already know there are going to be many more moments in my life where I will say to myself 'damn, mum was right' and she will have her 'I told you so!' moments with me but that's the cycle of life. No teacher can beat experience, not even your mother.

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